Gisele Bundchen Models Her Ipanema Sandals Line In Evening Gown (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Gisele Wears Flip-Flops With An Evening Gown

When we're wearing flip-flops, it's often with slouchy sweats, boyfriend T-shirts and a messy topknot.

But leave it up to Gisele to look glamorous in the super casual footwear.

The Brazilian model's newest campaign for her Ipanema sandals (did you know she's a shoe designer?) have finally surfaced.

Aptly called the "Blossom Sandals Collection," Gisele puts us in the mood for spring as she floats against a nature-inspired backdrop dressed in the eco-friendly thong shoes and a multi-color evening gown. It's an interesting combination, but with her dancer-esque poise and those sexy loose curls, she's definitely captured the collection's theme of "delicateness, femininity and the beauty of flowers."

Scroll down for the ethereal photos of Gisele in flip-flops and tell us if she's convinced you to buy a pair (or two).

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