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'Giuliana And Bill' Premiere: Giuliana Has A Unique Fashion Fiasco (VIDEO)

Guiliana Rancic faced a very strange fashion crisis on the season premiere of "Giuliana and Bill" (Tue., 8 p.m. ET on Style). In a form-fitting dress, she discovered that the attached corset part in the front was bulging out a little bit, giving her a rather unfortunate lump in an even more unfortunate place.

Otherwise, the dress looked gorgeous on her, which is probably why they decided to attempt a quick repair of the problem. "Can you tape up my penis," she joked to one of the women helping her get ready.

It made for an awkward few moments as the young woman's hands were up Giuliana's dress in a very intimate area, trying to find and then tape down this strange protrusion. Giuliana apologized and promised that she adhered to the strictest maintenance in that area, while the woman apologized for pressing on something -- she wasn't really sure what it was.

But it was a successful venture, and the dress was smooth in all the right places. Hopefully, whatever magic the woman had performed under the dress would hold, or Giuliana might have a surprise bulge later on in the night that would be embarassing and awkward to explain.

Catch the new season of "Giuliana and Bill" every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Style.

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