Giuliana Rancic: 'I Don't Give Two Sh**s About My Breasts'

Giuliana Rancic waged a public battle with breast cancer and returned to work, to the surprise of many, just two weeks after her successful double mastectomy surgery. She's also made a name for herself speaking to many an A-list celebrity during awards shows. Now with the Golden Globes coming up, Rancic is refreshingly candid about any anxiety she might face on the red carpet.

"I don't give two sh**s about my breasts. I didn't care that at the Golden Globes, I wouldn't be able to show cleavage, " Rancic, 36, told People at a Television Critics Association press tour.

"A lot of people were shocked. They said, 'Are you sure you want to do this? Think about the life you lead and the fabulous dresses and that's part of your job. It could put your job in jeopardy.' And I thought, if I ever have a job that is defined by my breasts and some gorgeous gown then I'm in the wrong business," Rancic said.

So how did the E! News host -- who admitted that post-surgery recovery was "hell" -- do all of it? Besides the support from husband Bill, Rancic says she sought out faith and prayer during tough times; the couple now attend church every Sunday.

In October, Rancic went on the "Today Show" to announce she had been diagnosed with breast cancer during one of her fertility treatments, which had been well-documented on the Style Network show "Giuliana & Bill." In November, she returned to say she was undergoing the procedure which required the removal of both of her breasts for the less than one percent chance of the cancer returning to her body.


Giuliana and Bill Rancic