Giuliana Rancic Did A 3-Week Cleanse To Drop Weight (VIDEO)

Rancic did the cleanse months ago, but Dr. Junger hooked his Twitter to his YouTube account on Friday, so it tweeted as though new. The text below now reflects the accurate timing which Junger clarified in a follow-up tweet.

A couple of months ago Giuliana Rancic forced herself to gain seven pounds to better her chances at becoming pregnant.

Before that weight gain [not after as previously reported] she had done a 21-day cleanse to drop pounds. Meanwhile she is currently "mad" at her doctor for saying gaining weight would help her get pregnant.

Alejandro Junger, who helps Gwyneth keep her colon clean, put Giuliana on a three-week regimen of smoothies that allows salads and vegetables for one meal a day. He just tweeted this video [video since disabled] of himself asking Giuliana about her results.

"Amazing, I loved it," she said. "I can't do the all liquid diet so this was perfect for me. I lost right from my stomach where I needed to."

Giuliana is now trying IVF.