Giuliana Rancic: Infertility Has Nothing To Do With Weight

Giuliana Rancic is still struggling with infertility, and she says it has nothing to do with her weight, pointing to other skinny celebs who have managed to conceive. She tells

"Look at Kelly Ripa! She's half my size and has no body fat and has kids.

Giselle (Bundchen) is a supermodel, and I've pinched her in real life just to see if she has body fat -- zero body fat! Look at Victoria Beckham, she's on her fourth child.

It's unbelievable to me the amount of ignorant comments that come in and it's just uninformed ignorant people. Rachel Zoe is pregnant! To all the haters, get informed! Go Google has nothing to do with anything."

Giuliana gained seven pounds last year at her doctor's suggestion to better her chances at becoming pregnant. When she did not conceive she "got mad" at the doctor.

She eventually got pregnant through IVF but miscarried, which left her angry at God. She tells Radar that she learned to stop blaming herself and accept that the miscarriage was part of a "bigger plan."

"As a woman you blame your body, you blame yourself, and I was riding that wave for a while and I was playing the blame game," she said.

Giuliana recently announced she is training for a marathon. She is considering adoption.

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