Giuliana Rancic On Cheating Ex Jerry O'Connell: 'It's All Good'

Giuliana Rancic harbors no ill will towards ex Jerry O'Connell, whom she alleges cheated on her with Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell in her memoir Going Off Script, out Tuesday.

"Even though [the relationship] didn't end up the way I wanted it to at the time, we gotta keep in mind that it was a long time ago," she told HuffPost Live in an interview. "We were young and pretty stupid at times and it's all good. It's not like I hold hard feelings."

The E! News anchor said she probably hasn't "had a real conversation with Jerry in ten years," as she's been married to "Apprentice" alum Bill Rancic since 2007, the same year O'Connell tied the knot with actress and model Rebecca Romijn.

Still, the 40-year-old "learned a lot" from O'Connell, describing it as "an amazing relationship, while it was good."

"He has an incredibly ability to walk into a room and make everyone laugh and feel comfortable," she recalled of the "Stand By Me" actor. "I used to be a little more shy and not so outgoing and watching him, learning by example, it made me more outgoing ... he just could just walk into a room and make everyone feel special. He taught me how to do that."

Rancic has less fondness for Halliwell, however, pointing out that canoodling with O'Connell didn't exactly fit with the Spice Girls' message of sisterhood.

"Of course it wasn't girl power!" she declared.

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