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Giuliana Rancic On Joan Rivers' Criticism: 'It's A Service That She Gives Us All' (VIDEO)

We all know and love E! Fashion Police, our go-to source for expertise on red carpet outfits awards season after awards season. If you've ever wondered how the hosts feel about each other's awards ceremony attire, Giuliana Rancic confessed to HuffPost Live that even she, a Police veteran, is not immune to fellow host Joan Rivers' critiques.

Giuliana says that Rivers, who is notorious for her sharp tongue when it comes to red carpet attire, does not spare her co-host when she's dishing out the criticism. Joan does, however, dial back the vitriol and opt for subtly instead. Giuliana said the routine is always the same:

"So I'll show up to Fashion Police, and we'll do the taping, and when we're leaving, she'll go, 'By the way, is that your dress or wardrobe's?' And I'll go, 'Oh, it's mine!' And she'll go, 'Oh, OK.'" Giuliana makes an approving face.

"And then if I say it's wardrobe's and she doesn't like it, she'll say, 'Give it back.' ... And I'm like, 'OK, could you have told me that before the show started?' And she's like, 'Nah.'"

Typical Joan. But sharing her opinion with Giuliana after the fact allows viewers to form their own judgements without expert interference. "You know what?" Giuliana says, "It's a service that she gives us all."

Ultimately, Giuliana says, all the fashion critiques are good fun. Plus, she can take the heat when she lands on a worst-dressed list: "If you're gonna dish it, you've gotta be able to take it."

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live to hear more from Giuliana about life as the Fashion Police.

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