Giuliana Rancic Feeling Great, Gearing Up For Oscars

She's been ruling the red carpet this awards season, she's beating cancer, and she's about to extend E!'s "Fashion Police” to a full hour. Giuliana Rancic is a real-life Wonder Woman -- but with better hair and makeup.

"At this point I feel unstoppable and I want to do everything because I feel lucky to be given a second shot at life,” Rancic told The Huffington Post, adding that staying busy has been critical for her recovery. "A day will go by and I am like, 'I didn't think about breast cancer at all today.'"

Rancic, a staple on the E! network, announced she had breast cancer last year, and had a double mastectomy in December.

She's on the road to a complete recovery, and it doesn't look like she'll be slowing down any time soon. In fact, Rancic said she wishes she could do even more, but barring the addition of a few more hours in her day, there is little else she can pack in. She admitted she would love to appear on “Dancing With the Stars," but denied rumors that she's on the next season, saying she simply doesn't have time right now.

"I wish I could do it," she said. "It's such a fun show but I literally can't imagine taking those hours out of my day."

There is going to be even less free time in Rancic's day starting March 9, when E!'s popular "Fashion Police" is extended to an hour-long format. Viewers can expect to see a lot more hilarious Hollywood fashion bits -- from all angles.

"Maybe we'll do, 'Guess me from the top of my head,'" Rancic joked, referencing the show's "Guess the Celebrity" segments. "No, we'll come up with something better than that."

The work distractions have been great for her mental health, said Rancic, who added that she also feels amazing physically.

"I am feeling great," she said. "I am lucky that I caught it early so I didn't have a lot of really sick days like a lot of women. Choosing the double mastectomy was a more radical approach, but I saw it as never wanting to look over my shoulder the rest of my life ... I feel stronger than ever."

And she'll need all her strength on Sunday when she tackles the biggest red carpet event of the year: the Academy Awards. When it comes to this year's Oscar fashions, the E! host thinks there will be a lot of variety on the carpet.

"We will see these glowing and dewy complexions, maybe some red bold lips with barely any eye makeup," she said. "For the gowns, we will see super structured and elegant. I think a lot of Versace and Marchesa and David Meister. And it won't just be the $10,000 to $15,000 gowns. We'll see the $1,000 price tags."

And her advice for the younger set and Oscar newcomers? Just smile.

“It's nerve-racking being on the red carpet. I am not anywhere near to being a movie star and I am so nervous because millions of people are tuning in all over the world,” Rancic said. “I think someone like Rooney Mara or Jessica Chastain needs to relax and smile. When you try to be serious you get that twitch. Your eye and your lip start twitching. Be happy and have a skip in your step. Yes, it is the Oscars and they are very formal, but that doesn't mean your personality has to be formal and severe."

Rancic never seems to have a problem smiling herself when George Clooney is on the carpet with her.

"I have never prepared questions for him. George Clooney is one of those guys who the less prepared I am, the better. With George you never know what he is going to throw your way and you have to be on. If you have a question prepared, you will look like a fool,” Rancic said. “He says things under his breath, he makes jokes, so I need to be in the moment with him and just have fun. The only thing missing is the alcohol, but we don't really need it."