Giuliani, Lieberman To Commemorate 9/11 With Ann Coulter

Giuliani, Lieberman To Commemorate 9/11 With Ann Coulter

Troy Gentry, partner of Eddie Montgomery in the red-hot country band Montgomery Gentry, says he has joked with radio-and-TV host Sean Hannity about swapping jobs for a day.

"Sean said if he weren't on the radio, he'd like to have been a country singer," says Gentry. "And I'd love to do what he does - not forever, but a few times."

A little taste of that tradeoff will happen tonight at Great Adventure, when Hannity marks the anniversary of 9/11 by hosting the summer's final "Freedom Concert." Which means, yes, at some point he will sing.

First, he'll host his daily WABC (770 AM) show at the park, 3-6 p.m., then he starts the concert, a wildly popular event that also features music by Lee Greenwood and LeAnn Rimes between remarks by Oliver North, Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Ann Coulter, Jon Voight, Newt Gingrich, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and WABC hosts Mark Levin, Curtis Sliwa and Bob Grant.

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