Kate McKinnon's Rudy Sendup Brutally Mocks Four Seasons Fiasco

The ballots for Joe Biden could actually be "tortillas," McKinnon's Rudy suggested on "SNL's" "Weekend Update."

When is the Four Seasons not fancy? When it’s the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company in Philly.

President Donald Trump first tweeted that a campaign press conference Saturday would be at the Four Seasons — then clarified the landscaping angle in a follow-up message.

The landscaping mix-up became kind of a metaphor for the devolving operation — and perfect fodder for “Saturday Night Live.”

“Hey, did you see my press conference today?” Kate McKinnon’s Rudy Giuliani asked “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost. “It was at the Four Seasons. Fancy!”

“I made it to the show on time,” McKinnon added. “First I went to 30 Rocks. That’s a granite quarry in New Rochelle.”

Jost grilled “Rudy” on the baseless accusations by the Trump campaign of voter fraud — which was the subject of the presser.

“These ballots could be coming from Mars!” said McKinnon’s Giuliani. “If the name is Meep Thorp Xandar and the address is Mars, we’re going to get those ballots thrown out.” Giuliani did actually argue earlier in the week that ballots “could be from Mars, as far as we’re concerned.

The ballots might not actually be ballots, but “might be tortillas,” Rudy explained. “If my butt blows after I eat it, you know that’s a tortilla.”

Check it out in the clip up top.

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