Internet Users Are Finding Creative Ways To Mess With Giuliani's Old Tweets

Trump's attorney claims people are invading his texts, but he's just forgetting to put spaces after periods.

One day, Rudolph Giuliani will learn to add spaces when he writes sentences on social media.

Until then, Donald Trump’s attorney will have to deal with internet users messing with his tweets.

On Friday, Giuliani took to Twitter to angrily criticize Robert Mueller.

But a typo in the former New York City mayor’s tweet created a hyperlink to G-20.In. Pranksters grabbed the web address and created a web page with this anti-Donald Trump message:


(McAfee claims the link is spyware, so click at your risk.)

The site inspired some internet geeks to comb through other Giuliani tweets to see if he created other inadvertent web links.

Somebody struck gold with this one from September:

The unintended link now goes to this page on Lawfare that links to stories the website has done on the Russia Connection.

Lawfare editor Benjamin Wittes said on Twitter his website had nothing to do with the link.

Still, Giuliani is not happy that his tweets are being turned into statements that promote viewpoints not advantageous to his client.

But based on this angry tweet, he has no clue how he got in this predicament.

Some people have tried to explain to Giuliani what happened, but we suspect he’s not paying attention.

One Twitter user predicted the start of a trend.

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