Rudy Giuliani Chuckles At Weiner, Spitzer, Says NYC Amazes (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- New Yorkers won't elect Eliot Spitzer or Anthony Weiner to anything, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani declared Wednesday when HuffPost asked how he felt about the surge of attention to the infamously libidinous former politicians, both of whom are now seeking redemption and a return to office.

But first, he chuckled, allowing that his hometown is often surprising.

"I don't know -- New York is a place that constantly amazes you," Giuliani said, after testifying before a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on the Boston Marathon bombings.

Weiner -- the ex-congressman who eventually resigned after Tweeting pictures of his penis -- had the spotlight all to himself with his New York City mayoral bid, until Spitzer -- the notorious former New York governor who resigned amid a prostitution scandal -- decided this week to mount his comeback by running for the city's comptroller's office.

"I think in both cases there are much better candidates for both offices than either one of them," Giuliani said of the two Democrats. He backs his fellow Republican and former deputy mayor, Joe Lhota, for mayor.

"There are some other very good candidates both on the Republican side and the Democratic side to be mayor -- a lot better than Anthony Weiner," he said. "In the case of Mr. Spitzer, I think there'll be better candidates for comptroller than either one of them, and I think the people of New York will make that decision ultimately."



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