Grieving Man Takes A Framed Picture Of His Late Wife To The Ocean Every Morning

"I think men like that no longer exist."

A heartwarming photo of an older gentleman looking at the ocean as he seems to hug a framed photo is making international rounds on social media.

The viral image was captured by Italian restauranteur Giorgio Moffa and shared on his Facebook account. He captioned the post (translated from Italian): “I don’t know this wonderful person I just know that his love was definitely a great love. I saw him cry. I think men like that no longer exist. Sending you a strong hug, dear friend, you are a great man.”

The post has gotten over 5,000 reactions and more than 2,500 shares to date.

Moffa lives in the oceanfront city of Gaeta in Italy. He tells Yahoo Lifestyle he has been witness to the heartbreaking scene of Giuseppe (the man in his Facebook post) with his late wife’s portrait, staring into the ocean, every morning for several years.

“Giuseppe told me that the reason he visits this location is that a long time ago, they spent many good times together at the small beach nearby,” he says. “They were each other’s first love and they got married. It was truly a lifetime of love.”

Moffa says that Giuseppe, 72, and his wife had three children. She died of an illness seven years ago.

He adds, “When he goes to a place where he has been to with his wife, he always brings her picture with him.”

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