14 Heartwarming Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Spouse


The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect on all the people who fill our lives with love and joy.

In that spirit, we asked HuffPost readers to tell us what makes them thankful for their spouses. Find out all the lovely things they want to say "thank you" for below:

Courtesy of Nikki Miller
"He's so attentive and patient with our little girl #bestdadever." - Nikki Miller
Courtesy of Erin Jones
"I'm grateful for my spouse because I've found someone who loves me exactly as I am. She doesn't ask or expect me to change anything. She supports me in every way and takes care of our family." - Erin Jones
"My husband is a warrior. He fights to abolish the statue of limitations on child sexual abuse and leads by example in everything he approaches in life. He makes me believe in the impossible, even when it's hard for me to see that light at the end of the tunnel. His lionheart is my inspiration." - Fiona Gohari
Courtesy of Allie Pena
"My entire life I have lived with multiple mental illnesses. I never had a family, much less someone that would go through so much to make sure I am happy and healthy. I am so thankful for a husband who puts me first." - Allie Pena
Courtesy of Nicole Roberts
"He is honest, loving, faithful and a truly kind human being. This is the second marriage for both of us. Wonderfully our last!" - Nicole Roberts
Courtesy of Surabhi Surendra
"I am thankful to my spouse for helping me become a better person. He has liberated me as a woman and has helped me nourish my senses and pursue my dreams. I do get mad at him often but at the end of the day, I make the choice of being with him and ONLY with him. He is the only man I would ever wish for!" - Surabhi Surendra
Courtesy of Trish Kalhagen
"My husband is the most gentle and loving person in my life and a great role model for our children." - Trish Kalhagen
Courtesy of Laura Skelton
"I'm thankful that my spouse sees us as equals. We divide and conquer when it comes to life tasks. It helps especially when it comes to leading a great example for our daughter." - Laura Skelton
"I'm grateful for his unconditional support and ability to make me smile especially when I need it most!" - Kelsey Lucas
"Thankful for his big, beautiful heart, the love and relationships he has with his family and friends, forgiving nature, and of course his cooking. I could go on for eternity with things that make me thankful for him! - Lynn Blackburn
Courtesy of Denise Dodson
"He taught me how to truly value myself and honesty. Because of him, I don't let people use me anymore. I'm stronger because of him." - Denise Dodson
"I'm thankful that he's genuinely one of my best friends and that he believes in me even when I don't." - Derrica Lane
"I'm grateful for his eternal ability to forgive and laugh." - Naomi Raiselle
"He pays attention to the smallest details. He's always striving to make my life better and help me, no matter how great or trivial my concern may be. I love him so much." - Lauryn Riley

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