Give Your Stuff Away Day: Unclutter Your Life On September 25

On September 25, join people all across America in uncluttering your life by participating in Give Your Stuff Away Day.

The concept is as simple as it sounds: Bring any valuable, unwanted items taking up space in your home out to the curb, where others can benefit from that which you no longer use. Why not let go of those things you no longer have a need for, but have been hesitantly hoarding anyway?

Of course, GiveYourStuffAway.com points out some basic rules that everyone should follow: No trash, recyclables, food, or illegal or dangerous items like drugs, chemicals, or weapons should be placed on the curb. Just haul up all those safe and still useful items collecting dust in your living space.

Mike Morone hopes to establish Give Your Stuff Away Day as a worldwide event twice per year. The event seeks to provide much needed relief from overcrowded landfills, and in a time of economic struggle, can help out those who may get value out of something you no longer use.

So on September 25, drag that clutter out to the curb and take a walk around to see if you find anything useful on Give Your Stuff Away Day.

Check out GIveYourStuffAwayDay.com for more information.