Givenchy Teases Its New Face And It’s So Obvious People Are Making Jokes


We have no tears left to cry because this is so ridiculous it’s funny.

Fashion house Givenchy tweeted a teaser of its new face Thursday. The short clip shows the silhouette of woman as her high ponytail elegantly cascades downward.

“GUESS WHO? THE NEW FACE OF #GIVENCHY, REVEALED TOMORROW,” the tweet reads, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s very obviously Ariana Grande.

It’s unclear if the teaser was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek (it was written in all caps, which could be interpreted as excitement or sarcasm). But then again, why waste money on a teaser that says you’re going to reveal the new face tomorrow when you pretty much already did?

Whatever the method behind this madness is, people on Twitter couldn’t help themselves. Instead of giving sincere answers, they delivered snark:

Grande also coyly confirmed it on Twitter by posting a still of the teasers:

But who knows, maybe Givenchy will surprise us all and its new face will be Charo.