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Giving Away Free Tours...

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Every year since the turn of the century we've been giving away a free tour for the best electronic scrapbook created by one of our tour members. It's amazing how much fun people have on our tours...and it's also amazing how well they can capture that experience in their writing, photos, and web design through these lovingly and artfully put-together scrapbooks.

My staff reviews the many submissions we get from our alums each year (we had more than 70 this year), and I get to weigh in on the finalists. This year, each of the top scrapbooks was great. Last year was a tie (and we gave away two tours). This year, while each of the finalists was wonderful, the winner was clear: Mike and Nicole Goodman shared the fun they had on their 2013 Europe in 14 Days tour. They did it in a way that made me nostalgic for the joy I had leading great tour groups for 25 years.
Enjoy checking out our winning 2014 scrapbook entries. You can get some clever ideas about constructing your own electronic scrapbook. But, be warned: It may get dreams of joining one of our merry tour groups stuck in your mind.

First Prize (1 seat on any 8-21 day tour or 2 seats on any 7-day city tour)

Mike and Nicole Goodman: Europe in 14 Days

Our jury was especially impressed with the way the Rick Steves tour experience was thoroughly (and chronologically) captured. The Goodman's scrapbook is easy to navigate, and their slideshows were interesting and well-designed. They also included lots of great group shots and provided good tips. Their "do something normal" theme was fun and original. Tak a look at their winning scrapbook.


Second Prize (a $500 gift card good toward a tour or Rick Steves Travel Store purchase)

Danielle Gale: Turkey in 13 Days

Danielle's layout and photography caught the jury's eye. Her captivating four-minute video at the beginning of her scrapbook captures the essence of the tour. Her narrative was interesting, and she gave good tips and insights. The Top-10 sidebar was especially informative, and her people pictures were great. Take a look at her scrapbook.


Third Prize (a $250 gift card good toward a tour or Rick Steves Travel Store purchase)

Martta Howard: Adriatic in 14 Days

When you review Martta's scrapbook, you can tell she paid close attention to her guide. Her scrapbook has a clean design and is full of friendly and informative writing. Our judges liked her layout and were impressed with her tips and photos. Her use of step counts was unique and potentially helpful to others. Check out her scrapbook.


Fourth Prize (a $100 gift card good toward a tour or Rick Steves Travel Store purchase)

Suzette Bartlett: Europe in 21 Days

Suzette's scrapbook reads like a little magazine. Her layout includes sidebar sections on food, travel tips, and "wow" moments which are creative and fun to read. The judges also liked the summaries of what she did, what she'd do differently, and her favorite moments for each destination on the tour. Take a look at her scrapbook.