Giving It My Best

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You have to give it all you got.

Recently, I was told if you are going to do something, do it 100 percent.

I said to myself, I 've been trying to instill this in various aspects of my life.

I know this, I got this, but why is this now a reminder for me? Have I forgotten or ignored my efforts? Have I compromised myself through past struggles to only give partially or give up?
Somehow, somewhere, I did. I know I did.

As a young child, your parents reinforce your dreams and then as a parent, your dreams strengthen again as your children sprout and take a varied path. They take on some of your passion and create their own. Once they have grown you have to recreate yourself to sprout those roots again to some old passions or grown new roots. In my most recent challenges, I can say those creative roots died off, buried deep into rocks, wedges, weeds and until recently when a colleague reminding me of my old interests, I didn't believe I should give those thoughts much effort. The constant struggle to pay those bills and stretch the budget had depleted my enthusiasm for any extracurricular events. Most of my time was spent working, worrying about getting more work done, contemplating on future work to do, basically while I was not at work, my mind was at work and I had surrendered too much of myself. Stress, worry and fear had become common feelings. My usual positive outlook had taken a hit, like a well dry from it's resources my enthusiasm had not been replenished.

Obviously, it became clear that my immediate efforts should be to look at what I am passionate about, I could devote and give it 100 percent if I could do what I loved. Spirit renewed allows me to become more creative to problem solve and remain in focus. The energy and spirit are more lively and those stressful events are around but not my entirety. I can feel it brewing a bit, the bubbly excitement, the fun, my mind is solving, thinking, brewing new ideas to those problems.

Creating and innovating are abilities that everyone needs to survive. Business leaders dig into their creativeness when new products are designed; when organizational challenges are encountered, creative solutions are developed to overcome and generate a new direction. The road ahead is a new path, fresh tarmac and new footprints are sheer excitement! I can say the same now.

Now, I am back to me, myself and I and working on giving those old passions a new life and sprouting life to my spirit. It is helping to keep my mind active, my body energized and my spirit lively. I definitely want to get myself out there. It has been such a long time for me; many past years had been engulfed in struggles, one after another; year after year. Now, I have decided to give it all I got.

And that is a great feeling!

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