Middle (ST)age: Giving Thanks With a Chaser

I say what I'm feeling. Just call me NO Filter Fernandez.

I don't understand why more people aren't open with their emotions. To me, not letting time sweep every emotion aside and instead standing right in the middle of them is life, baby!! And in this Middle (ST)age, we deserve to feel it all!

And what better time to share these emotions than Thanksgiving? You'll all be together, right? Isn't this the perfect time to let your family know how you're feeling? What you think of them?

Now, I'm not saying walk up to your Aunt Edna and ask her why she wears that Priscilla Presley wig to the A&P. Or tell your Uncle James that he smells like some crazy combination of moth balls and cabbage, or even to tell your First Cousin Jen that her kids could use some serious boundary training and I think if I were her, I'd start with Cesar Millan's method.

No, I'm not saying be a jerk.

I'm just asking for a little open emotional exchange.

Don't worry, I'll help you through this.

Okay. Here we GO!

It's Thanksgiving Day. You've been talking and eating for a few hours now. Things have slowed down. It's now or never!

Put a glass of something in your right hand. Contents of your choice. Although, I highly suggest wine. Go sit yourself down next to your brother or sister and look them straight in the eye. They can see emotion coming a mile away. Therefore, they will get nervous, tell some really lame joke to deflect and head straight for the kitchen.

Stay calm.

Follow them.

Act nonchalant.


Casually grab some of that walnut-covered cheese ball and walk towards said sibling. As you are heading their way, they will dodge you and head towards the window at the back of the house to see why the kids are yelling.


It's OK.

You've got this.

Fill your glass and follow. Calmly.

Take the bottle with you, you say?

Wise choice.

Now you've got 'em! There's no one on this sun porch but you two. Slowly approach. This is your chance! Look them straight in the eye and say something REAL.

Listen, when we were kids, you always made me feel safe. I knew that no matter what was going on, you were there for me. I sure hope you felt the same way about me. I just knew someone was always in my corner. And now that we're here in this part of our lives, I want you to know I still feel that way. I feel so lucky that we have each other, even though we don't see each other as much as I would like. I do love you.

Your sibling will now be looking at you as if you have a hand growing out of the top of your head. But that's OK. You said it. You meant it. And you still have the wine. Maybe you don't need it. Maybe it's a whole new you.

I'm not advocating getting drunk on Thanksgiving Day. But if your family is like mine, there's nothing wrong with a little chaser.


Stay tuned for the complete episode of Middle (ST)age Thanksgiving on Stage17.tv. Watch it this Thanksgiving. You'll feel better about yourself.

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