Giving the Gift of Sight at the John Fawcett Foundation - Bali, Indonesia

The John Fawcett Foundation and its Indonesian counterpart, the Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia, is a humanitarian foundation which assists underprivileged people in Indonesia, particularly those with medical problems.

I visited the John Fawcett Foundation while on holiday in Bali, Indonesia and was inspired to make this series of videos to share the amazing work they are doing to give people back the gift of sight.

Cataract eye surgery is performed for free and poor people who have no access to healthcare services can get their eyes screened when the John Fawcett Foundation mobile health units come to remote villages in Indonesia.

Three million of Indonesia's 240 million people are needlessly cataract blind...blind because they are poor and remain poor because they are blind. In general two family members care for a cataract-blind family member removing three from the informal economy. Restoring sight to one who's cataract blind puts three back into the informal economy generating US$252 in annual household income (US$7.00/month/person). "A Penny for Your Sight" will enable The John Fawcett Foundation continue with their work with restoring sight and preventing blindness with its comprehensive mobile eye clinic-outreach clinic program.

Cataract blindness is reversible through a safe, high-quality 20-minute cataract operation. By encouraging volunteers and visitors to participate we will generate sustainable funding enabling the Foundation to mobilize all six mobile eye clinics and achieve the goal of restoring sight to its Vision 2020 target of 80,000 poor.

What is cataract blindness? - The Founder John Fawcett explains about his work in Bali and the challenges he faces in trying to get help for those that need cataract surgery in Indonesia.

Step by step reflection of the pre operation process for eye screening before cataract eye surgery.

The protocol followed by our team to implement a successful field visit.

A look into the detailed procedure required to prepare for a field visit.

A field visit with the John Fawcett Foundation Team

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