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Giving things the attention they deserve...

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As I sit and reflect about the times when i've felt most overwhelmed, frustrated and out of sorts, I am always hit with the glaring truth, it's because I have ALLOWED myself to be. Seriously! It wasn't that I always had so much to do, so many places to go or that many things to was really because I was not giving the things that mattered most, to me, the attention it deserved. I allowed myself to become over-involved with things that weren't my business, could have been delegated or that I had no business being a part of in the first place.

I had no one to blame -- I just needed to do better.


So going forward I made some adjustments that have literally changed the trajectory of my life and brought me more peace and effectiveness in every way. I realize that I am not responsible for how another person feels or reacts; I am only responsible for what I do and my intentions.

You know that this is true for you, however, you just don't know how to make it work for you. I can help!

Here's what works for me:

1. Be present! Whatever it is that I am doing, at the moment, I make a conscious decision to do only that. No multi-tasking, no thinking ahead, nothing! I choose to make what I am doing (and whom I am doing it with) a priority.
2. Let the voicemail get it! I don't try and catch every call (probably not most), no matter who it is. If I am engaged in something, even if it's relaxing, I allow myself the full time I have allotted and then I move forward accordingly.
3. Create time slots for tasks! Since I know that there is no such thing as time management (time will manage itself) I understand the importance of delegating myself a certain amount of time to work on or/and complete something and then move on.
4. Tell them so they will know! If whatever the thing is that I am doing involves someone else where they are either relying on me or participating in the activity, with me, then I communicate how much time or what I can contribute to what we are doing. I feel like that cuts down on confusion, gives them an idea of how long I will be involved and what my contribution will be.
5. Make eye contact! This small gesture makes the person that you are with feel like the only person in the world. It lets them know you have time for them, are concerned with what they have to say/are doing, they are important to you, etc.
6. Stop! Just step away from it all and come back to it when you have the time and inclination to give it the attention it deserves.

Here's a time in August 2014 right before my children were getting ready to go back to school where I needed to retract, remember what mattered most and give them the attention they deserved.

>>>>>>>>>>>Click here to watch my quick video<<<<<<<

Is there something that's going on in your life where you need to re-adjust and give them or it ..."the attention it deserves" ---- to produce the best outcome possible?

I'll bet their is!

Tell me about it....