'This Is Climate Change' Photo Series Show Dramatic Effects Of Global Warming (PHOTOS)

'This Is Climate Change': Glacier Retreat Then And Now

Climate change is one of the hottest issues of our time, and nothing helps tell the story like photos.

The Del Mar Global Trust, a private charitable foundation with a focus on environmental issues, has started a website called "This Is Climate Change" as part of an awareness-raising initiative.

Its focal point is a series of powerful then-and-now photos that documents arctic and antarctic ice melting, mountain pine beetle infestation, and glacial retreat.


Glacial retreat is one of the most directly observable effects of climate change, and the steep retreat of glaciers in Glacier National Park is an example often cited by researchers.

On the This Is Climate Change website, the trouble with the park's glaciers is quantitatively explained:

"About 150 glaciers were observed in Glacier National Park, Montana in 1850, and about the same number in 1910 when the park was established. A survey of the park in 2010 revealed only 25 glaciers."

But dramatic as it may be, glacial retreat is just one of many aspects of global climate change. Climate change can lead to increased spread of diseases, extreme weather, and can even impact the behavior of animals.

To best view the gallery, we recommend clicking "full screen" at the upper right hand side of the slideshow.

LOOK: Glacier Retreat Then And Now.

Glacier Retreat

Glacier Retreat

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