23 Signs You're The Olivia Pope Of Your Friend Group

Because you wear the biggest white hat of all.
  • 1 You have a knack for problem solving.
  • 2 You have one hell of a moral compass.
  • 3 You don't take crap from anyone, not even the President of the United States.
  • 4 You're always the best influence in your friend group.
  • 5 You're never afraid to stand up to a challenge like a goddamn BOSS.
  • 6 You have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bulls**t.
  • 7 You know how to make a man ~work~ for it.
  • 8 While you may honor honesty, you sure can tell one hell of a white lie.
  • 9 You aren't too above others to admit when you're wrong. But let's be honest, you're almost NEVER wrong.
  • 10 You may be confident, but you're NOT arrogant.
  • 11 You sure know how to command a room as soon as you enter it.
  • 12 You've been known to enjoy a glass of wine ... or two ... or 12.
  • 13 And that's probably the only time you're ever somewhat selfish.
  • 14 But at least you've got your priorities straight.
  • 15 You're the master of motivational speeches and always inspire those around you.
  • 16 Oh and can we just talk about your epic STRUT for a second??? OH HONEY.
  • 17 You smash the patriarchy every chance you get.
  • 18 You're well aware of your worth.
  • 19 You're the definition of perseverance and never giving up.
  • 20 Some may think you're bossy, but the truth is you just know how to get s**t done.
  • 21 You'll never settle for anything less than what you deserve, especially when it comes to relationships.
  • 22 You have the intuition of a psychic. Move over, Raven!
  • 23 You're a feminist, loud and proud.

In other words, just keep SLAYING.



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