Black Voices Sunday Ritual: Malcolm Gladwell Is Afraid Of Pancakes

Sunday Ritual: Malcolm Gladwell Is Afraid Of Pancakes

Malcolm Gladwell's books are about economics, psychology, and sociology, which would seemingly bar them from becoming widely read. But The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers have all been New York Times bestsellers, thanks in large part to his breezy, erudite style and his gift for finding colorful anecdotes to illustrate ideas about social science. (In Outliers, he mused that "honor cultures" made airline pilots from certain countries more likely to crash their planes, and he famously put forth the idea the "10,000 Hour rule" on expertise and success.)

Gladwell took out a few minutes from his busy schedule — when he's not speaking at events, he's a staff writer for the New Yorker and a contributor to the popular sports website Grantland — to talk to Huffington Post BlackVoices about how he spends his Sundays.

Coffee or tea?
Tea. I am an Englishman.

Pancakes or eggs?
Eggs. I find pancakes slightly terrifying.

Newspaper — online or old school?
Old school! Although my big newspaper day is Saturday — the weekend Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

Brunch in or out?

Church or yoga?
Historically, my church-going leads my yoga-going by a factor of 100 to one.

Stroll in the park or errands at Target?

Football on TV or football in the yard with family or friends?
TV. The Buffalo Bills are one of my great obsessions.

"60 Minutes" or "Real Housewives of New Jersey"?
Neither. HBO! TV is for HBO and pro sports.

Blackberry on or off?
On, although it pains me to say that.

Every Sunday without fail, I...
Give thanks for all that I've been given.

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