Glamour Brasil Apologizes For Asian 'Slanty-Eye' Post On Social Media

This is beyond offensive.

Glamour Brasil just had a seriously ugly moment.

The outlet recently apologized after receiving backlash for a gif it has since removed from social media. The post showed team members pulling their eyes back in a slanted formation, while others are shown bowing. The group took the offensive photo below in celebration of a trip they were taking to Japan.

Glamour Brasil issued the apology “to the Asian community and every follower who has been offended by the publication in our Instagram account,” in addition to removing the post.

“Glamour Brazil’s team regrets the incident,” the statement sent to The Huffington Post read. “It does not match the magazine’s position or opinions.”

However, several members of the Asian community, including Hudson Yang of sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat” and popular blogger Ranier Maningding, clapped back on social media, accusing Glamour Brasil of racism.

Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, but this isn’t the first time casual racism has cropped up there. The Brazilian soccer team Santos FC came under fire years ago for posing with “slit-eyes” while promoting the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup in Japan.

Asian culture is often caricatured in Brazil, with insensitive Fu Manchu-like depictions still deemed as acceptable, The Associated Press points out. And Japanese-Brazilians can be made to feel like they’re not really part of Brazilian culture, Jeffrey Lesser, an Emory University historian, told the AP.

“A black person in Brazil is called a black Brazilian but a Japanese-Brazilian is called a Japones,” he said. “There is always a separation, the assumption that they like sushi, not feijoada.”

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