DON'T LOOK DOWN! You're 500 Feet Over Houston In This Glass Bottom Pool!

Who's up for a game of Marco Polo?

Last one in is a rotten egg ― or maybe someone who’s afraid of heights.

Houston’s Market Square Tower showed off its stunning sky pool on Instagram Thursday, featuring a swimmer walking on the plexiglass-bottomed extension 40 stories up.

It’s as if the floor just drops out and you’re stepping on wet air. Imagine playing Marco Polo and opening your eyes 500 feet above city streets.

Living at the luxe apartment complex is no drop in the bucket. Monthly rental prices range from $1,805 for a studio to $18, 715 for a penthouse, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Come live the tower life,” the social media copy beckons.

No thanks, we just want a dip in that pool!

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