China's New Glass Bridge Is The Highest, Longest, And Scariest Yet


An attraction that calls itself the highest and longest glass bridge in the world opened this weekend in the country’s Zhangjiajie National Forest. Visitors were quick to risk their lives er, visit the bridge, which is made of 99 glass panels that dangle more than 980 feet over the rocky forest below.

At first, this may sound like a walk in the park. But when you see how high the bridge truly is, it’s a wonder any visitors showed up at all.

China has no shortage of these sky-high attractions, which are known to provide stunning photo opps. There’s the epic “Coiling Dragon” skywalk, the vertigo-inducing Haohan Qiao, or “Brave Man’s Bridge,” and another glass skywalk that famously cracked just a few weeks after opening last year.

Officials made a big show of testing China’s newest glass bridge for safety, even driving an SUV across to prove its strength. To visit, you’ll need to get yourself to China’s “Avatar Mountains,” the natural wonder known for inspiring the popular movie.

Oh, and pick up some bravery along the way. Happy travels!

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