Mesmerizing Glass Recycling Video Shows How New Bottles Are Made

WATCH: Mesmerizing Video Shows How Recycled Glass Is Melted Into New Bottles

Most of us have a general idea of how glass recycling works -- the glass is melted into new bottles -- but few have seen the process in action.

Now a cool, new video produced by NPR takes us inside a glass recycling plant in Jersey City, N.J., to watch as magnets (and reverse magnets!) sort out the metal from the glass and optical sorting machines use photography and air jets to then separate the clear glass from the brown and the green.

But the coolest part comes around the 2:12-mark, as the glass is melted together in a furnace at 2,700 degrees. Watching the red-hot globs of molten glass cut and formed into new bottles is truly amazing.

Click the video above to watch. The instrumental music is by Portland, Ore.,-based musician Podington Bear.

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