This Glass Treehouse Is The Escape We've Been Waiting For

...and it's incredibly eco-friendly.
A. Masow Architects

There may come a day when you just want run away from it all and go live in a tree.

And this, friends, is where you'll want to run. It's a proposed four-story, glass-encased living space surrounding the trunk of a tree. Architect Aibek Almassov told The Huffington Post it's a place for humans to "live in harmony with nature," as the tree gives life to the house around it.

A. Masow Architects
A. Masow Architects
A. Masow Architects
A. Masow Architects

When completed, the house will live in a beautiful exchange with the tree at its core. Transparent solar panels will coat the glass walls, Almassov told HuffPost, and rainwater will be purified and renewed for human use. As oxygen from the tree flows through the home, solar spotlights will shine on any branches covered by its minimal shade.

The best parts of this house might just be the entryway and forest-floor glass capsule shower:

A. Masow Architects
A. Masow Architects

The treehouse has been in the works for some time now: Almassov says he plans to start building in a forest in 2017, and has consulted with his local government in Kazakhstan about making the structure a public visiting space instead of a single-family home.

Logistics are indeed a bit dodgy -- there doesn't seem to be space for a dimly-lit bedroom -- so the treehouse may function better as a public visiting space, after all.

For now, though, this place is darn tree-licious to look at.

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