Chihuly Glassblowing iPhone App Allows Users To Make Art By Blowing Into Microphone (VIDEO)

The Chihuly app, a new iPhone application that launched Wednesday, allows users to create virtual blown glass by blowing into the phone's microphone.

"It's taking a thousand-year-old craft and merging it with a brand new technology," said Joe Alexander, chief creative officer for the Martin Agency, one of the app developers.

Alexander told The Huffington Post that the glassblowing app tries to replicate the blowing, shaping and sculpting involved in real glassblowing. Users can further manipulate the "glass" with their fingertips.

The creations are inspired by the works of Dale Chihuly, who's promoting his exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Digital artists can share their work on Facebook, Twitter and in the museum's Facebook gallery, Alexander said.

“We thought mobile technology was a perfect way to bring his achievement to life for people outside the museum’s traditional audience," Alexander told GeekWire.

Microphone games powered by users' breath gained attention last year with the introduction of apps, including Blowing, Balloonimals and Ocarina. The latter turns an iPhone into a wind instrument.

The Chihuly app is available on all Apple iOS devices.