If You Wear Glasses, These 13 Items Will Probably Make Your Life Easier

There are lens cleaners, anti-fog sprays and comfortable anti-slip nose pads, just to name a few.
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I’ve had a relationship with eyeglasses since elementary school, and while I’m grateful that they allow me to have better vision, they have not always been the most amicable partner.

Fellow spectacle-wearers might also know what it’s like to have frames constantly slide down the bridge of your nose, tug at the back of your ears or sit awkwardly on your face when you lay on your side to watch a movie.

If this sounds familiar, feast your eyes on this lineup of nifty gadgets and products specifically designed to make wearing glasses easier and more comfortable.

Find a no-slip wax for nose pads that’s suitable even for people with oily skin, a highly rated repair kit and a game-changing pair of over-the-ear headphones that won’t put pressure on your frames.

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Non-slip adhesive nose pads
Whether you're battling those painful nose indents or a pair of glasses that won't stop slipping down your face, these cushioned nose pads are meant to give you some relief when you stick them to your glasses. Made with soft surgical-grade silicone, these pads easily adhere to most frames in order to reduce the space between the glasses and nose bridge so they stay in place. This set comes with 12 pairs of clear pads.
Silicone ear-hook grips
Great for active glasses-wearers or if you're feeling a little behind-the-ear strain, these hook attachments help to keep glasses in place using a soft and easy-to-clean silicone. This set comes with 14 pairs of grips.
A non-slip wax for glasses
If you don't want to use attachments to remedy slippage, this beeswax-based stick can be applied to the nose pads and bridge of your frames to provide a layer of friction and keep them in place on your face. This all-natural and cosmetic-grade formula works to prevent glasses from sliding for up to an entire day and won't leave any residue behind.
A cut-out pillow for glasses
Out of all the trials and tribulations associated with wearing glasses, the worst just might be when you try to lay on your side to watch a movie or television show and your glasses get smashed against your face. This cleverly designed pillow is meant to do away with all that annoying readjusting thanks to a convenient cut-out that accommodates your frames. The pillow's core is made with a soft yet responsive cooling latex and is covered in a breathable Tencel fabric.
A pair of glasses-friendly over-the-ear headphones
According to reviewers, Bose's QuietComfort 45 headphones manage to stay comfortable to wear even while also wearing glasses, which can be a feat when it comes to over-the-ear audio. The slightly oversized and cushioned ear cups won't put strain or pressure on the arms of your frames and the headband is adjustable.

Aside from their comfortable wear, these wireless headphones boast Bose's signature high-fidelity sound which can be adjusted to set bass, mid-range, and treble levels to your personal preference. Enjoy 20 hours of listening per charge, 11 levels of active noise canceling and a microphone system that allows you to take calls and be heard, even in noisy surroundings.
A plush-lined glasses holder
There are times when I will carelessly throw my glasses on the nightstand before bed, only to wake up in the morning to find them lying lens-side down and scratched (or completely missing entirely). If you're in a similar boat, you might find this upright holder that's lined with a plush protective material to be a very worth addition to your nightstand.
A glasses repair kit
Repair virtually any loose hinge or missing nose pad on your glasses with this extensive kit that contains tweezers, 16 sizes of eyeglass screws and eight precision screwdrivers with magnetic tips that are perfect for picking up tiny screws.
A pair of clip-on sunglasses
Transform any pair of glasses into sunglasses with this pair of polarized clip-on lenses that attach to the nose bridge of your existing frames. This means you don't have to struggle to find oversized sunnies that can fit over your glasses or order a pair of prescription sunglasses. The lenses, which are offered in five different hues, contain a polarizing core, two UV-filtering layers and two anti-scratch layers.
Individually wrapped pre-moistened towelettes
Pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes are always swimming around in my purse so I can address smudges and splatters on my lenses no matter where I am. This pack of 210 individually wrapped towelettes has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon and promises a quick-drying, streak- and residue-free performance to help you have crystal clear vision with your glasses.
A glass cleaner and microfiber set
This popular glass cleaner set comes with two bottles of a deionized water solution that's formulated to keep multi-coated lenses extremely clean and intact. The ammonia- and alcohol-free solution is also accompanied by two microfiber cloths that can tackle fingerprints and other smudges without scratching lenses or leaving behind fuzz.
An anti-fog lens spray
Steam from hot meals, your breath and mask-wearing are all surefire ways to cloud up your lenses, proving this anti-fog spray a useful product. Safe for a variety of lenses including goggles and VR headsets, this proprietary solution helps to prevent fog buildup caused by humidity for up to 24 hours.
A set of lightweight glasses chains
Though handy to have, especially if you take your glasses on and off frequently, glasses chains are not always the most fashionable accessory. But the assortment of ultra lightweight chains in this 4-piece set look more like necklaces, and feature anti-slip loops to keep your frames securely in place until you're ready to wear them.
A pair of mask hook attachments
If your mask straps and glasses frames are at constant war with each other, these mask extending attachments can make things a bit more copacetic and reduce tugging on the backs of your ears. The attachments slide onto the arms of your frames and offer an easy resting place for mask bands to sit or be easily removed — no tangling involved.
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