'GlassesOff,' iPhone App, Helps Train Brain To Improve Vision And Reading Speed

Eyeglasses iPhone App Helps You DItch Glasses And Improve Vision

Relying on your reading glasses could become a thing of the past. Now scientists have developed a brain training iPhone app that teaches the mind to process blurred images.

By boosting the speed and quality of image processing in the brain, the new app can help our eyes compensate for our vision's inevitable deterioration over time.

"We're using the brain as glasses," said Uri Polat of Tel Aviv University and co-founder of Ucansi in an interview with the New Scientist.

Dubbed GlassesOff, the app could delay the need for reading glasses as you age.

This may sound too good to be true. But the clinical trials are actually promising.

The Daily Mail reports that volunteers at the University of California, Berkeley who tested the app with 40 training sessions showed almost a 10-year improvement in their eye age, allowing them to read two lines further down an eye chart and four seconds a sentence quicker than before using the app.

The app will be made available early next year with a three month subscription at $90, notes The Telegraph.

But for those of you still relying on your eyeglasses, you may want to opt foranother app that lets you try on your glasses virtually. Created by a French optician and eyeglass retailer Atol, Macstories.net reports, it uses on face recognition technology to allow you to try on various types of models.

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