Glassybaby Candles Light Up New York Charity Scene

During her seven-year battle with lung cancer, Lee Rhodes was moved by the struggles of the patients sitting alongside her in the waiting rooms. Many were overwhelmed with medical bills, barely able to scrape together enough money for bus fare or weekly groceries.

When Rhodes recovered, she turned her glassblowing hobby into a business and committed to donate a portion of her proceeds to help cancer patients like the ones she had met. Her company, glassybaby, sells colorful glass candle holders, while supporting dozens of local and national nonprofits. Through glassybaby goodwill, 10 percent of sales are given to nonprofit organizations, each represented by a specific color of glassybaby candle holder. While cancer charities are the focus of glassybaby's donations, the company also supports other causes.

Now, Rhodes is bringing her mission to New York City with a new store located at 555 Hudson Street. Glassybaby is kicking off their first year in New York by lighting up the city's charity scene -- literally. The company will be providing candles to Ellen's Run, a Long Island event supporting breast cancer patients, and the Phoenix House Summer Party, a fundraiser for the organization's work to help families affected by drug addiction.

For any purchases made online or at the Seattle and New York stores using the promotion code 'Huff', 10 percent will be donated to Conservation International to protect the environment.