'Glee' Bitch Slap Is A Shocker

Remember "Glee"? After nearly three months away, the show returned, and there was drama everywhere! Tina and Artie battled it out for valedictorian -- spoilers: they both lost -- while things got even uglier in New York. Out of nowhere, Santana decided to audition to be Rachel's understudy in "Funny Girl." Rachel did not take this well.

For one, she didn't think she needed an understudy. Further, she felt it was a personal betrayal. But the director saw it as a beautiful story about these two girls coming from the same high school in Ohio to the New York stage. It does sound pretty great, but there was't room on that stage for anyone else, with Rachel's inflated ego bloating all over the place.

When she and Santana finally had it out, though, it got nasty. Like "Real Housewives" nasty. Both women said simply awful things to one another, recalling their bitter rivalry from high school. And then, after a particularly hurtful barb, Rachel hauled off and slapped Santana across the face. Holy soap opera!

Even though Rachel's arrogance was off-putting, Bustle's Christine DiStasio still thought Santana deserved a little taste of her own medicine. She was a royal bitch to Rachel in high school, after all.

All this drama will soon be taking center stage, too, as "Glee" is reportedly shifting all of the action to New York before the end of this season.

"Glee" continues on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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