'Glee' Casts Helen Mirren In Surprising Role, Premieres 'Santa Baby' (VIDEO)

Remember when "Glee" co-creator Ryan Murphy said that Season 3 wasn't going to have slew of famous guest stars? Well, consider us duped. The lastest star to make an appearance in the TV musical comedy? Academy Award winner Dame Helen Mirren.

Mirren has signed on to guest star in the show's midseason return on Jan. 17, reports TVLine. However, the Oscar winner will be heard, and not seen. She'll provide the "inner voice" of one of the gleeks. We're kind of hoping that it's Lord Tubbington communicating telepathically to Brittany... anyone else?

But this isn't the only famous guest star attached to the episode, titled "Yes/No." Nene Leakes, of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fame, will play the new synchronized swim coach at McKinley. Dame Helen Mirren and Nene in an episode together? That sounds epic.

In other "Glee" news, Fox recently released a deleted scene from the "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" episode, originally cut for time. In the deleted clip, Santana sings holiday classic "Santa Baby" as she helps Finn pick out the perfect pair of diamonds for Rachel.

Watch the deleted scene below.