'Glee' Cast Performs "Tik Tok" Drunk (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Glee' Cast Performs Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" Drunk

This week's 'Glee' nabbed a TV-14 due to its depiction of drunken debauchery (i.e. chugging wine coolers, body shots, and an inebriated high schooler throwing bills in the air while his girlfriend tore off her shirt).

The episode, entitled 'Blame It On The Alcohol,' addresses the pitfalls of underage drinking, and culminates in a performance of Ke$ha's alcohol anthem "Tik Tok" by an intoxicated glee club at an all-school Alcohol Awareness Week assembly. The glee club is no match it seems for the queen of partying herself, as Brittany cuts short the performance, vomiting all over Rachel. Despite barfing something the color of a blueberry smoothie, Brittany has the wherewithal to caution that, "Everybody drink responsibly."

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