'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Sounds Off On Hit Series, The Catholic Church And 'Valley Of The Dolls' (VIDEO)

The Catholic church and the camp classic "Valley of the Dolls" aren't frequently mentioned in the same sentence, but those two diverse subjects formed "the template" of Ryan Murphy's career.

"Somehow I made them mesh," the "Glee" creator said with a laugh during his appearance with OutQ's Frank DeCaro on SiriusXM Satellite Radio's OutQ "Iconography" program. Murphy is being honored all month long as OutQ's featured "icon" and numerous plays of the full exclusive interview will air (for more info head here) throughout January.

The 46-year-old screenwriter and director also sounded off on a variety of LGBT-related topics, including one Hollywood executive's resistance to his hit series, his first love and coming out to his Irish Catholic parents at age 15. "I didn't come out to them, I was busted by them," Murphy said.

Of his first boyfriend, he noted, "He drove a Corvette and had a fishing boat...we used to drive around and go to car washes while he would play 'Sailing' by Christopher Cross on 8-track, and I thought it was so glamorous."

As for the smashing success of "Glee," Murphy noted, "To this day, you don't ever know why something is a success, it's just alchemy."

Check out clips from his interview below:

On the unlikely success of "Glee":

On the Catholic church, "Valley of the Dolls" and his first boyfriend:

Additional video clips of "Iconography: Ryan Murphy" are available here and here.