'Glee' Premiere: Beatles Tribute Features Elaborate Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

The new season of "Glee" kicked off with the usual mix of heart and song. Season 5 premiered with the first of a two-part examination of the music of The Beatles. The episode wrapped with an emotional reunion for most of the cast, but it was for a joyful reason. As fans of the show know, the memorial episode for Cory Monteith's Finn Hudson will be the third of the season. Still, that knowledge added another layer of emotion to what was already a significant scene, as TV Fanatic's Miranda Wicker pointed out.

Blaine had decided that he wanted to marry Kurt, and so he came up with an elaborate plan including several of their glee club competitors. He even roped Burt into trying to bring Kurt to the venue without knowing what was going on, but Kurt was too smart for that. But even though he knew what was up, he had no idea how Blaine was going to go about it.

But this is "Glee" so we knew. It was an elaborate song and dance routine, culminating in Blaine down on one knee, opening a small box.

“All I want to do, all I’ve ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you," Blaine siad. "So, Kurt Hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love. Will you marry me?”

Kurt looked positively overwhelmed, and really his response could have gone either way in that moment. But he said yes, and the first hour of "Glee" Season 5 ended in joy.

“Honestly, it was the most pleasantly surprising ending!" wrote Hollywood Life's Emily Longeretta of the proposal. "But does this mean that Kurt will stay in Lima? Will they do long distance until Blaine graduates, then he’ll head to NY? I guess we’ll have to tune in next week!”

Wetpaint's Ryan Gajewski has his fingers crossed for the happy couple. "So will this engagement actually stick? We’re betting yes," he wrote. "After the show didn’t go through with the Finchel engagement (sob!), we can’t imagine them cutting a second engagement short in the same way. Right? Please say we're right.”

Next week, "Glee" wraps it's two-part Beatles tribute. Then, it's time to say farewell to Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson. Series creator Ryan Murphy just released the first promo for the tribute episode, airing October 10. The tagline for the episode is, "The hardest word to say is goodbye.”

Tune in to "Glee" on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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