Glee: Why It Matters

The musical phenomenon is back! Glee's six and final season will begin on January 9, piecing together the stories of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and the McKinley High Glee Club, in addition to bringing back some fan favorites back on the Fox screen.

From Grammy nominations to Emmy awards, Hot 100 singles, a concert film and reality show spinoff, Glee would be what any Hollywood executive would label a success.

But it's more than just numbers, rankings, and accolades. Glee made music cool again.

Glee was destined to be the epicenter of music television since its inception. Premiering only a year after the 2008 cancellation of MTV's Total Request Live (TRL), Glee took over what TRL used to be: a place for fans to see their favorite music.

But it was more than just a Top 40 rotating station. At a time when the world saw the rise of social networking sites, Glee made a show about a high school show choir more interesting than a Myspace post or a Facebook status, averaging over 5 million viewers per episode, and bringing aboard multiple celebrity appearances (i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ricky Martin).

Before there was Glee, audiences were given High School Musical: a 2006 made for television film on Disney Channel revolving around a modernized and musical Romeo & Juliet love story which many would accredit to opening the door for a show like Glee to make it's way on to television.

But Glee became a show for audiences both young and old, covering music from musicals such as Cabaret and Chicago, and including music from a generation of artists all the way from Journey, Bon Jovi, and Neil Diamond to Sisqo, Young MC, and Rick Springfield.

It gave music television life again.

While the show's fifth season brought a decline in ratings, the show's cast, crew, and fans alike were also faced with the passing of Cory Monteith (who portrayed one of the show's most beloved characters), ultimately bringing the future of Season 6(although having been ordered in 2013) up in the air.

Although the sixth season will only bring 13 episodes, fans are more than ready for its premiere.