Glenn Beck Declares War on Our Veterans

Glenn Beck's attacks against the patriotic group IAVA are beyond odious, his remarks are simply unpatriotic. Taking after Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin: Glenn Beck is perhaps the most vitriolic television voice in the conservative media. Yet, instead of defending Veterans, Beck has descended to new levels, and now rests at profound depths of defamatory rhetoric against the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

At 3:01 in the following clip Beck begins his hate talk against Paul Reickoff and IAVA. Specifically, he dislikes the treatment that American Heroes receive because of the people who provide it.

His most recent attack is disgusting, but he does not even discuss the failure of the VA and the Government. Brilliantly, Beck performs his unpatriotic rhetoric by demonizing Veterans Advocacy Groups and never talks about the problems occurring in the VA, he simply targets a few philanthropic donors of IAVA. This should force all my fellow conservatives to stop listening to his political heresy and truly support the troops.

All Americans should demand an apology to IAVA. As a Veteran of both theaters of conflict, I think IAVA is doing brilliant work. Today, America has military security because 0.5% of the population makes a choice to join the military. That 0.5% is the current military forces, who are fully engaged in Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan, and Yemen. As in the case of the post-Vietnam era, still today too often the military is forgotten. Beck gives a lots of patronizing to American Vets, Beck honors them with words, he pays verbal homage to Vets, and yet he demonizes the ones who make provide political advocacy for them.

Beck is the modern day pharisee, a wolf disguised as a friendly. If Beck were aware, he would see American Vets are stomped on with little caution, and IAVA fights for them.

Perniciously, as in the case of Josh Kors, some wounded warriors have been outright denied care at the VA, yet Beck has not said a word about Kors' case or others like it.

Instead, Mr Beck wants to ridicule heroes from the Veteran community like IAVA who make these atrocities known.

IAVA along with Veterans for Common Sense and Vote Vets work tremendously hard to advocate for wounded warriors returning home from Iraq, Afghanistan and past conflicts. According to the Washington Post, 80-85% of the combat warriors experience trauma and 90% of our troops are experiencing combat as opposed t0 25% in WWII. Diligently, IAVA has worked hard at maintaining the integrity of American warriors by demanding VA accountability, and GI rights. In effect, IAVA and Beck have parallel voices-both want government accountability, yet Beck has not done one show defending the rights of GI's.

Bluntly, Beck is not "for the troops". He does not support the American troops, but IAVA does support the troops. Beck's rants against IAVA are more than enough evidence, but what is Beck really for?

Now more than ever, Americans need to see the veil of confusion that Glenn Beck provides. IAVA is bringing camaraderie and community for young warriors, and IAVA is fighting against bad government. IAVA defends the voiceless, and IAVA is doing good work for Americas heroes.

During Beck's rally on Capitol Hill, Beck claimed "America is turning back to God". Whose God was Beck referring? More than a political pundit, Beck looked like a preacher from a large mega-church. Beck's language insinuated a new social dogma, almost new religious language.

So, how can Beck be so pro-America, yet anti-IAVA, while simultaneously supporting the troops?

Ostensibly, Beck provides a new civil religion. One more interested in promoting Beck's own civil religion founded on Beckisms. Promoting anti-democratic, anti-cooperative, anti-GI Rights idioms Beck has decided to make American heroes the villains to protect his "small government" agenda. Beck is not "for the troops", he is a bigot against Veterans rights, he is patriotic fraud, and he takes in millions of dollars a year to promote foul verbal venom against sensible American values like providing wounded soldiers care.

Glenn Beck -- before you demonize one more American hero, and before you demonize IAVA again, please, step forward and put a uniform on and go to war. Only then do you deserve to demonize the work of IAVA. The men and women of IAVA are heroes; your rhetoric is hurtful and disgusting. Your social civic religion is not journalism, it is not patriotic.

Many people in America want real answers, the only one you provide is you playing in your poop.