Musician Glen Hansard on Busking, Relationships and the Creative Process

I wasn't sure what to expect when I interviewed Glen Hansard for Fear No ART at The Hideout Block Party in Chicago in late September. I, of course, knew him from his music and the film, Once, but assumed he couldn't possibly be as unassuming and grounded as he seemed. After a 30-minute interview, edited down to just under 10 minutes below, I can say that he actually is as unassuming and grounded as he seems. Truly unaffected by fame and recognition, Glen remains most motivated by his pure love of musical expression and the importance of connecting with his audience.

In the video below, he touches on everything from his early days busking on the streets of Ireland, something he still does from time to time today, to his relationship with Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season and Once co-star. With his new solo album Rhythm and Repose just out and at the onset of his world tour, Hansard also talks about the creative writing process and the key to maintaining a relationship with his listeners.

Hansard is humble, open, unscripted and truly present in this candid interview. He also lays on the "Irish" really thick at the end. So don't miss the final bloopers that round out his warm, funny and in-depth interview.