Glen Rogers, Death Row Inmate, Killed Nicole Simpson, Says 'My Brother The Serial Killer' TV Doc

O.J. Simpson didn't kill his ex-wife, a serial killer did, according to a new documentary.

"My Brother the Serial Killer" claims Glen Rogers, who is currently on death row for another murder, is responsible for the 1994 deaths of Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

The documentary, which airs November 21 at 9 pm on Investigation Discovery, does not include an interview with Rogers' himself, but prominently features interviews with Rogers' brother Clay.

The Daily Mail reports that Rogers confessed to the Brown-Goldman killings after he was already in jail for the 1995 murders of Tina Marie Cribbs in Tampa and Sandra Gallagher in Los Angeles. He is also suspected of killing at least 10 others and once claimed he had murdered 70 people.

Rogers reportedly provided receipts to cops that show he was working as a housepainter in Los Angeles in 1994 when Brown was murdered. The documentary claims he told family members that he was working for Simpson and that he said she was rich and he was going to "take her down."

Rogers also provided a "detailed account" of the Goldman-Brown Simpson slayings to criminal profiler Anthony Meoli, according to the documentary. reports that Rogers also knew O.J. Simpson who paid the killer to steal a pair of earrings from Nicole Simpson's house, according to Rogers.

That's why, the documentary posits, Simpson never floated Rogers as a possible culprit to investigators since he didn't want his own dealings with Rogers exposed.

Rogers was apprehended after his family tipped off investigators to his whereabouts. Clay Rogers explains his decision to do so in the documentary.

"I wasn't turning in my brother," He said. "I was turning in a serial killer."

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