Miramar Mom Glendese Williams Arrested For Burning Son With Hot Iron (VIDEO)

"I'm the best mom ever," said Glendese Williams.

But the Miramar youth counselor was arrested and charged with child abuse Monday, accused of burning her 11-year-old son with a piping hot iron because she was upset over an incident at school, reports Local 10.

According to a Miramar Police arrest affidavit, the boy's middle school nurse knew something was not right when he asked for a band-aid for his aching shoulder.

The boy told the nurse that he was ironing his clothes before school Monday morning when he and his mother began arguing and she deliberately pressed the iron against his right arm, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

He was then taken to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Weston, where he was diagnosed with first and second degree burns.

Williams has insisted it was all an accident.

But the boy also told police that his mother disciplined him by hitting him with a belt that left marks on his lower left leg, according to NBC Miami.

"I'm the best mom there is. I'm the best mom ever," Williams, who also has a 3-year-old child, told reporters.

The boy and his sibling are now in the care of the Florida Department of Children and Families pending home studies of the maternal grandparents.

As for Williams, she was released on $7,500 bond and, pending on the outcome of her case, has been placed on unpaid administrative leave from a new job as a youth counselor at Broward Girls Academy in Pembroke Pines.