Glenn's Alive! And 'Walking Dead' Sets Up Its Biggest Episode Ever

The wait is finally over.

(Warning! Major "Walking Dead" spoilers!)

Jon Snow Glenn is back!

After the worst "Thank You" ever and weeks of speculation, we finally found out what happened to everyone's favorite pizza man on "Walking Dead."

The opening moments of Season 6, Episode 7, "Heads Up," revealed all your theories were right. "Walking Dead" has just been trolling us. Those were Nicholas' intestines the walkers were eating, and Glenn did pull himself under the dumpster to stay alive. Enid showed up again, too, providing water.

After some tense moments and a little bonding, Glenn and Enid released a bunch of balloons, which ended up signaling to Maggie that Glenn was alive. It was a sweet moment.

Then everything went to hell.

A tower fell and knocked over one of the Alexandria walls, likely leaving the walkers with a pretty open path into the town and signaling the climax of the "No Way Out" story from the comics.

(Warning! Even more spoilers!)

"No Way Out," one of the most popular story arcs from the "Walking Dead" comics, is pretty self-explanatory: not a lot of people make it out.

Based on creator Robert Kirkman's source material, deaths we can probably expect in the mid-season finale include Jessie; her sons, Sam and Ron; Tobin; Deanna (who replaced Douglas from the comics); and, brace yourselves, Morgan, too.

Adding support that it's over for Morgan, "Walking Dead" gave him a solo episode this season. Why else give us his backstory and have us feeling good about him if not to rip our hearts out?

It's just what they do.

Knowing how his comic story ends in "No Way Out," The Huffington Post caught up with Morgan actor Lennie James at the "Walking Dead" Season 6 premiere at Madison Square Garden. We asked James if he was worried about his character this season because of what happens in the comics. The actor seemed unaware of the circumstances at the time. He even asked us what happens before backing off, saying he didn't want to know. Since the show was passed filming for Episode 8 at that point, if James genuinely wasn't aware of his character's comic arc, there's still hope he makes it out of the episode.

Image: MTV

Things just look grim for Carl Grimes, though. In the comics, Carl loses his eye after accidentally getting shot in the chaos of the zombies overtaking Alexandria. We already reported it appeared the show was setting up Ron to take the shot at Carl, and that's even more likely now. Before the tower fell, Ron was being a creeper, walking behind the younger Grimes with a gun.

So, yeah, it pretty much looks like everyone is about to die, but, hey, Glenn's back! Remember? Let's just focus on that.

Pizza for everyone!

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"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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