Glenn Beck: 'African-American Is A Bogus, PC, Made-Up Term... Not A Race'

Glenn Beck: 'African-American Is A Bogus, PC, Made-Up Term... Not A Race'

The topic of race identification on the upcoming census was brought up on Glenn Beck's radio program this morning, and controversial statements ensued.

The whole issue apparently merited discussion because three of the available boxes to check in order to identify your race are "Black," "African-American" and "Negro."

Beck was quick to clarify:

African-American is a bogus, PC, made-up term. I mean, that's not a race. Your ancestry is from Africa and now you live in America. Ok, so you were brought over -- either your family was brought over through the slave trade or you were born here and your family emigrated here or whatever but that is not a race.


Think Progress notes that on an earlier program, Beck had admitted that he didn't have "a lot of African-American friends, and I think part of it is because I'm afraid that I would be in an open conversation, and I would say something that somebody would take wrong, and then it would be a nightmare."

Such foresight.

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