Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Are Restoring Dishonor to America

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are constantly talking about restoring our Constitution. They want to get our Constitution back. I did not know that it had gone away. They have created this aura that since Barack Obama was inaugurated somehow our Forefathers have been affronted. Aside from the crazies who claim that President Obama was born in Kenya and is not a citizen, and therefore sits in the presidency in violation of the Constitution, I am at a loss to know what it is they are talking about. Other than the health care legislation, which faces a legitimate challenge on the basis that it requires all citizens to buy insurance and does not come within the power of Congress to tax, I know of no other claim, no less a legitimate one, that the current administration has violated the Constitution.

What I find remarkable is the suggestion that the president's agenda (whether successful or not) of caring for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the uneducated and the unemployed has somehow dishonored the country and poses a danger to it. Apparently in the eyes of Glenn Beck these "socialistic" goals are un-Christian and are to be feared. I do not pretend to be an expert on the Bible, but I thought those precepts were the very foundation of Christianity. Do they become less so because they are provided by the government?

There will be strong disagreement over the size of the crowd which attended the Beck rally and who or what brought them there. Without impugning those who attended, the greater the size of the crowd, the greater should be our fear -- not the phony one he has created. They have been convinced that there is a danger out there that does not exist. If our honor was lost, it was through the invasion of Iraq, wire tapping of American citizens, the torture and rendition of suspected terrorists, imprisoning persons for years without charges or hearings, allowing greed to prevail over regulation and our woeful response to Hurricane Katrina. If those were the good old days for which Mr. Beck and Ms. Palin yearn, then he is right, we all should start praying.