Glenn Beck Appears From Bed, Calls Out George Soros For Back Injury (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck was bedridden on Wednesday when he told viewers why he has been noticeably absent from his shows for the past few days.

Beck threw out his back on Monday picking up a pencil in his new Dallas studio. He was taken off the set, and his Monday night show had to be replaced by another program.

On Wednesday, the host gave his take on current events from what appeared to be his bedroom at home. Beck, who was underneath a quilt of the American flag, delivered the monologue using his own mini-chalkboard and a pointing stick.

He jokingly offered a theory about his injury, noting that lead, which was in the pencil, and his three injured discs, all contained the letter "d." He wondered, "Is it a coincidence that Barack Obama has a 'd' after his name, that Cass Sunstein has a 'd' after his name and yes George Soros has a 'd' after his name? I think not. I'm onto you." He may have been referring to the letter 'd' for Democrat.

Later, he joked about who he was "in bed with." He brought out an iPad with a picture of Soros from underneath his quilt, and busted out a box of Twinkies to bemoan Hostess' declaration of bankruptcy.

This is not the first time that Beck has appeared on-air from bed. He said that the last time "was a butt surgery incident" that he did not wish to discuss.