Glenn Beck Donates $10,000 To The Chamber Of Commerce (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck Donates $10,000 To Chamber Of Commerce LIVE On-Air

Glenn Beck entered the controversy surrounding the alleged foreign donations to the powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce by sending some domestic money to the group -- specifically, his own.

In the past two weeks, liberal blog Think Progress has written several articles documenting the money the Chamber receives from foreign donors. Based on one of the reports, the Democratic National Committee took out an ad targeting the business lobby and charging it with "stealing" American democracy by potentially using that money on domestic political campaigns. The Chamber hit back, saying that the DNC and the Obama administration had no proof for their charges.

On his radio show Thursday, Beck said that, while he didn't agree with everything the Chamber advocates, he considered the group to be an honorable one promoting businesses. He also mentioned that his father was a member.

But it was the Obama administration's criticisms of the Chamber that led Beck not only to tell his listeners to make Thursday "the biggest fundraising day in the Chamber's history" by donating to the group, but also to put a considerable amount of money where his mouth was.

While on the air, Beck went to the Chamber's website and announced to listeners, "I am donating $10,000 to the Chamber of Commerce now."

He also joked that the Obama administration hates the Chamber as much as he hates Woodrow Wilson.

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