Glenn Beck: Charles Darwin 'The Father Of Modern-Day Racism' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck called Charles Darwin "the father of modern-day racism" on Thursday's edition of his Fox News program.

Beck made the inflammatory comment about the man credited with introducing the theory of scientific evolution at the culmination of a rant on the contentious topic of race.

Mediate reports:

After explaining the significance of the illustration of a slave in shackles reading "Am I Not a Man and a Brother?" made famous accompanying the abolitionist poem "My Countrymen in Chains" (more about that here) as "the Lance Armstrong bracelets of the day," he took on the history of the man who made the illustration into a mass-produced medallion, Josiah Wedgwood. His story and that story of the image were an anecdote chosen to illustrate the aforementioned four forces elemental in American history. Government and religion work together, government and religion are driven apart, and those dynamics result in things like slavery and the abolition thereof.

"His great grandson plants the seed that leads to progressivism, eugenics," said Beck in coming full circle in taking aim at Wedgewood. "You know who Wedgewood's grandson was? Charles Darwin, the father of modern-day racism."