Glenn Beck Drizzles 'Christian Blood' On Pancakes And Eats It

Glenn Beck made a point of drizzling "Christian blood" over pancakes and waffles on his Tuesday program, and serving them to his co-hosts.

The "Christian blood" was more like a red fruit syrup, and no, it's not the name of a product in a new line of Glenn Beck breakfast foods (no one get any ideas, please). The radio host was responding to a video of Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan saying that Jews kill Christians to bake their blood into matzo — an age-old slur. Hamdan defended the video in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Monday.

On Tuesday, Beck scanned the ingredients list on a box of matzo. "There's no Christian blood in it," he said.

He pointed out that "Christian blood" would be more delicious on pancakes and waffles anyway. "You've drained this?" Beck asked, as someone handed him a bowl of red syrup. "Okay, it's fresh."

"Still warm?" one of his co-hosts asked.

"The pancakes and the waffles are not, but the blood is," Beck said, as he drizzled syrup onto pancakes and waffles. Okayyyyy then.